Thursday, April 19, 2012

Post-valentine hues

I've been in a pink sort of mood lately- just bought a giant bouquet of pink roses earlier this week. Thinking that I need to add some of it to my wardrobe, and here's some inspiration I found:

via bonae l'amour, anglo american, vanessa jackman, jil sander a/w 2012

- JC

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Identities @ Harvard

I had mentioned earlier that this past weekend was the (amazing) Identities Show at Harvard. The entirely student-run show was divided into three segments, "What Makes a Lady", "An Education", and "Double-Take". All of the looks were lovely, but for me, the second segment stole the show. The tall, dark, and handsome students strolling down the runway may or may not have contributed to this consensus on my part. See for yourself--

 photos via Shunella Lumas

It's great to see that fashion lives and thrives at Harvard. It's also great to see a dashing man in a dashing suit.

- JC

Monday, April 9, 2012

Mom and pops

 Some of my friends from high school visited this past weekend, and I made it a point to eat at restaurants in Harvard Square I hadn't been to with them. We stumbled upon Leo's Place on Saturday morning after realizing we were craving diner food. It was small and severely under-staffed, and the food was mediocre. What I did enjoy, though, was the feeling the vintage feeling and the moral satisfaction that I was contributing to the local Mom and Pop's rather than heading to the Qdoba in front of my dorm. Admirable, right?

- JC


via Vanessa Jackman

Visited Identities 2012- Harvard's Fashion Show this past Friday after my dance show. It was phenomenal, and I want to give so much love and congratulations to my friends who directed, produced, and styled the show. Inspired by Margaret Zhang's look above, I paired a white maxi dress with a long blazer to wear to the show. Pictures of the great night to come, but until then, happy monday!

- JC

Monday, April 2, 2012

The short side of it

I can't stand how mundane my hair looks as I'm trying to grow out my last short haircut, but I think I'm gonna head to the hair salon to try out these choppy styles:

Happy Monday, and Happy April! In disbelief that my first year of college is almost over already. 

- JC