Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Adventures (in food)

Narcobunny and I both love food. And so, it seems fitting that both of our recent posts are largely about just that-- delicious food. New York City and North Jersey are great areas for foodies like us. Here are just some of the food adventures I've had since I've been home from school--

soba noodles at Minado / macarons from Laduree / shrimp and green at Snack Taverna / fish cake with bean paste (붕어빵) from Minado / Amorino gelato / brunch at Zoe's / hummus platter at Archetypus / bulgogi burger / cereal soft-serve from Momofuku Milk Bar / mushroom hummus at Hummus Elite

Looking at these photos at 2 in the morning are not doing my stomach any good. Signing off before I make my nightly kitchen-run,

- JC

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