Thursday, July 12, 2012

Ni hao

Greetings from China!

I'm currently in my bunk bed (in an amazing hostel in Beijing), chomping away at dark chocolate, writing to you all for a quick update.

I started a little e-mail list with my friends and family to keep them updated for the next two months on my trip here, but Jinah had the great idea to share with you all little tidbits from what I like to call, ever so dramatically, THE CHINALOGUES. Here we go.

My first two days here have been absolutely amazing. The first day, my roommate and I explored our local town, made some friends in the little markets, bought ridiculous Chinese candy (quail eggs, mutant tiny sweet potatoes), ate 'milk bags', wandered around Lama Temple, and ordered (successfully!) at the best dumpling restaurant around. My favorite part so far was the street market in the area. I ate scorpion on a stick.. will upload pictures later! There were all sorts of disgusting eats like sparrows, flying squirrel, centipedes, sea horses, starfish, and other bugs that I couldn't even identify.

I love the energy of the alleyways here called 'hu tong's -- bikes and motor-bikes speed by so fast, and there are always people just sitting outside, having beers, and playing with their adorable/fearless kids and dogs. They are incredibly hard to navigate, though, and I'm waiting for the day I get lost in the maze. Addresses don't exist here, apparently. Or they do, but no one uses them.

Nothing makes sense here, but somehow, all of it-- the food, people, fashion, nightlife, language-- comes together to create an amazing, curious, dynamic city. I can't wait to let you guys in on more.

Let me know what y'all are up to this summer- travelling? working? studying? I'd love to know! Until then, here are some instagrams from my trip so far-

Loving Beijing,
- JC

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