Saturday, December 8, 2012

Swim Good

It has been a very long time since I have posted here, and I do hope that this sporadic posting doesn't become a habit.

Fashion and blogging have been demoted to back-seat priorities as I am preparing for finals week during the first semester of my new school year. I am thrilled, however, to be working as Creative Director on the board of IDENTITIES, my school's premier fashion show. We had our first photoshoot today for promotional materials, and it was my first time on a fashion photoshoot set. It was thrilling. I could have never imagined the amount of creative thought goes into every aspect of fashion photography- setting, makeup, hair, models, clothing, accessories, angles, theme, lighting, and poses. I can't wait to apply all I've learned to future photoshoots, and our fall show.

Otherwise, the semester has flashed by in a blur. I have been struggling with some internal questions about the value of learning and higher education, my future goals and career path, the implications of my personal moral code, the meaning, purpose, and impact of philanthropy, and the value of relationships.

This is quite a lot, and I have my most intense, but most fulfilling course this semester- an introduction to philosophy, to thank for this new, introspective attitude. Reading Rousseau, Smith, and Marx has really challenged me to critically question all that I know to be true about realities of the world, and how we should act according to those realities. My lack of activity on my other blog, the meré, can also be attributed to all of this introspection.

To conclude my 'update' post, I have exciting news! I have officially declared my major- Social Studies (an interdisciplinary study in the social sciences), with a focus field of Economic Development and Women's Empowerment in South Asia. This is the first time I've been genuinely excited about my studies, and I can't wait to jump in.

Happy Holidays, all! If you are (like me) struggling through finals, papers, and projects, watch this video. I promise it will be encouraging.

With love,
- J